Sunday, May 09, 2010

Washroom is where the fart is

Drab title. Sorry.

So, at 6 PM, barely 9 hours after reaching home, I took the metro (which is now 5 mins from my house :D) to Chawri Bazar. Reached Jama Masjid, ordered a plate of beef kebabs from the nearest Kababchi (10 bucks a plate). That familiar feeling (albeit of dead cows). Short in time, but a beautiful tryst with the walled city.

10 minutes later: Rajiv Chowk Metro Station. Just a face in the crowd. A soul existing with 13 million others. A speck in these hordes of humanity that is Delhi. That beautiful feeling of belonging, of familiarity. Home is where the heart is.

NALSAR main ho agar hum, Dil rehta hai Dilli main
Samjho waheen humein, Dil hai jahaan hamara...

(My sincere apologies to Allama Iqbal for the perversion of his eternal words)

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the title and the body have a funny dislocated conjugation it seems!!

Washroom is where the fart is...
Home is where the heart is

Truly! haha...