Wednesday, October 15, 2008

That Which Once Was

Today, my mentor at NALSAR(We have a mentor-mentee program here) was speaking to me. In the middle of the conversation, he told me about how he'd heard of my Columban 06 win from someone I knew when I used to live in Vasant Vihar. It suddenly brought back everything that happened in August 2006. It's been over two years but the memory is fresh in my mind. The semis, the tie-breaker with Sanskriti, how we got Caligula right, the finals, Chugh on fire during the finals, the last answer of mine(Phileas Fogg),glory. Been a long time but I still count it as one of the finest moments of life. To the Columban.

I miss school a lot. I didn't do so in '07 but after coming to college, and especially during the Delhi trip a few days ago, I've become quite sentimental about RKP. It's been a long time since I donned that uniform, went to school in a bus full of crazy 12thies, to a class with crazier classmates, the quizzes, the times...everything.
I'm in quite a 'I-miss-things' mood today. Need to go back to Delhi soon.