Monday, December 17, 2007

The End of Time

This is not about an apocalypse,as the title might be appearing.Its too random to categorise.

The Kant family has specialized in refuting all existing arguments and conventions of the day.Immanuel "Why-the-fuck-am-I-so-obscure-and-gay" Kant rejected various arguments concerning the existence of god and rejected the idea of the knowledge of an object in its true form. His great-great-great-great grandson,who incidentally was born in India due to imprudent disposal of a condom, has rejected classical mechanics and all that Sir Isaac "I'm-gonna-screw-the-lives-of-all-sciencees" Newton stood for. He is our very own Shivajirao Gaekwad aka, Rajini-KANT. His rejection of gravity drew Erwin Schrodinger to suicide(but not before stating his famous equation whose textual form resembles ancient cave drawings),Albert Einstein to a haircut and Wolfgang Pauli to heterosexuality.He is what Friedrich "God-my-moustache-is-just-so-sexy" Nietzsche described in his magnum opus(Thus Spoke Zarathustra) as the Ubermensch(or the overman).

Behold!I teach you the ubermensch

NT Rama Rao(With Grand Heroic Entrance):
Screw you bunghole!We've got our own.

He is the saviour:Krishna Part X,Jesus Part II and all those who're supposed to come down to earth someday.Worship Him.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another Prick Amongst Us All

Long Time.
2 kids in Gurgaon (Aged:14 and 13) killed their classmate by pumping six bullets in him.Guys who've barely come to terms with puberty are shooting their fellow students at point blank range. The Richard-cranium filled media wasn't patient. Aaj Tak went to the extent of extracting the report cards of the shooters and informing the public that these kids used to flunk or barely pass.This is why their minds are messed up. I'd be a mass murderer by those standards.

It's not the kids who're at fault.It's the way we're bringing up our kids. 8 year olds(Seen this myself) in my old school are calling each other "Bhenchod".No understanding of what it means.No clue about why it's offensive.Saying it because they sound "adult" when they say it.Spiders help us.

I belong to what I call the 'Porno' generation. We discovered the internet at the age of 10-11 along with the darker side of it.We were the frontrunners of what is today a full-fledged billion dollar industry.Social pressure is such that 13-year old girls need to wear extremely short skirts to look cool. 13 year-old Guys need to have a Ciggie in their mouths to look cool.Where are we heading??
Rhetoric question.No answer though.